Leaders aren’t created in isolation – they’re nurtured from one generation to the next.

Fostering Greatness

UCLA School of Law is more than a top-tier law school – it’s a top-tier public law school committed to equality of access and opportunity. We are cognizant of our obligation to prepare citizen-lawyers who not only practice their profession with distinction, but also remember their unique privilege to serve society.

Through a diverse and collaborative learning environment, we immerse students in a culture of innovation and inspiration the moment they arrive on campus. Armed with an unparalleled learning experience and the power of our unique network of connections, graduates emerge as leaders ready to initiate and influence change. Alumni occupy distinguished positions in the legal, government, nonprofit and business sectors.

The Power of Mentorship

Our community spirit promotes strong bonds among faculty, administrators, students, staff and alumni. In every field, you will find accessible professors who are leading scholars and award-winning teachers. UCLA staff work closely with students to ensure that they receive the services and support needed to succeed. Students benefit from lively conversation and collaboration with their peers, as well as from the advice and support of an alumni network that provides unsurpassed access to the profession. Simply put, students create connections here that nurture them for a lifetime.