Talent Representation 101: Negotiating a Release

20181018 Negotiating a Release
From left: Andrea Seikaly, Lorien Whitehead and Joshua Lewin.

Three recent alumni returned to UCLA Law on Oct. 17 to give students the lowdown on drafting appearance releases, documents used throughout the entertainment industry to secure rights to recordings or footage of individuals for commercial purposes. Lorien Whitehead '14, Joshua Lewin '15 and Andrea Seikaly '17 of Los Angeles entertainment boutique firm Schreck Rose Dapello Adams Berlin & Dunham presented on the negotiating process of standard appearance releases.

Giving insights into the scope of work for junior associates at entertainment boutiques, the presentation analyzed a sample appearance release form.

The trio advised students about several issues that must be dealt with before finalizing an appearance release form. These include defining which forms of media are covered by the release, clearly identifying to whom the rights of the intellectual property are being granted, and scrutinizing the release to ensure that it protects clients from liability or other claims.

The event was part of the Supplemental Practical Legal Education (SPLE) program offered by the Ziffren Center.