Getting the Download on Social Media Endorsement Deals

20181012 Ziffren Social Media Endorsement Deals

Jonathan Sauer '14 and Kiley Wong (pictured above) of Los Angeles entertainment boutique Sloane, Offer, Weber and Dern came to UCLA School of Law in late September to present real-world training on the basics of negotiating social media endorsements.

In a lecture hall full of students, Sauer and Wong focused on the two sides of a social media endorsement deal – the brand and the talent. Sauer warned that in most cases, attorneys representing online celebrities deal with brand publicists, not other attorneys. This can make it more challenging to negotiate a successful deal, he said.

Sauer and Wong covered deal terms at length, advising students to narrow terms to specifics, such as the number of times a client can repost the brand advertisement. More general or broad deal terms can potentially limit a client's ability to make other endorsement deals.

Before opening the forum for questions, Sauer and Wong emphasized the importance of indemnifying talent against liability in social media deals. Sauer and Wong advised that the brands should offer to indemnify the client for development, production, distribution and exploitation of materials.

The event was part of the Supplemental Practical Legal Education (SPLE) program offered by the Ziffren Center.