LL.M. Specialization in Law and Sexuality

Specialization Requirements

To be awarded the specialization in Law and Sexuality, students must maintain a B- (2.7) grade average in courses taken for the specialization.

Detailed course descriptions are linked in the listings below. Prospective students should bear in mind that, due to curriculum scheduling and faculty availability, not every class listed is taught each year. This is most often true in the case of seminar courses. A sufficient number of courses will be available to enable those students who choose to specialize to satisfy the specialization requirements.

Required Courses
Course # Course Name
318 Law and Sexuality
  • Along with 318 - Law and Sexuality, three additional courses are required, with at least two coming from Group A.

Group B (Sum of courses from Groups A and B must equal at least three)
Course # Course Name
148 Constitutional Law I
232 Cybersecurity Law and Policy
263 Employment Discrimination
266 Critical Race Theory
270 Public International Law
278 Comparative Law
282 Education and the Law
317 Family Law
326 Health Law and Policy
331 Immigration Law
332 Immigrants' Rights
335 Religious Legal Systems: Jewish Law
338 Islamic Jurisprudence
376 Law and Dissent
389 Prison Law and Policy
464 Human Trafficking
M526 Seminar: Housing Segregation, Housing Discrimination, and the Evolution of Public Policy
541 Seminar: Problem Solving in the Public Interest
549 Seminar: Islamic Jurisprudence
565 Seminar: Topics in American Constitutional History
610 Seminar: Political Theory of the Founders
616 Seminar: Theories of International Law
629 Seminar: Topics in Post-Conviction Law & Policy
639 Seminar: Political Asylum and Refugee Law
645 Seminar: Race Conscious Remedies
653 Seminar: Advanced Critical Race Theory
665 Seminar: How Should We Fix The U.S. Health Care System?
670 Seminar: The Sociology of Law
708 Clinical: Civil Rights and Police Accountability
750 Clinical: Youth & Justice
754 Clinical: Criminal Justice Reform
773 Clinical: Immigrants' Rights Policy
792 Clinical: Immigrant Family Legal
793 Clinical: Human Rights in Action: Collaborative Grassroots Lawyering
908 Suing the Police
927 International Human Rights Clinic: International Field Experience
952 Re-envisioning the Lawyer’s Role: Trauma Informed Lawyering and Restorative/ Transformative Justice
  • Writing Requirement

    Students must complete a writing requirement of at least 20 pages on a topic related to Law and Sexuality. Students may use an assignment from any of the courses listed above to fulfill the writing requirement, or undertake a minimum of two independent writing units.