Ziffren Center for Media, Entertainment, Technology and Sports Law


Ziffren Center for Media, Entertainment, Technology and Sports Law

The Ziffren Center for Media, Entertainment, Technology and Sports Law at UCLA Law leverages its location at the heart of the entertainment industry to offer one of the nation’s most comprehensive, advanced and innovative approaches to the study of entertainment and media law.

The Center’s curricular Specialization prepares students to practice law in the film, television, music and other creative industries. Those interested in gaining cross-disciplinary expertise are encouraged to take classes at UCLA’s renowned film and business schools. Externships provide coveted placements in the corporate venues that power the entertainment industry: studios, networks, agencies and others. The Annual UCLA Entertainment Symposium is always heavily attended and features both expert topical panels and keynote addresses by legendary industry leaders, recently including CBS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves and The Weinstein Company Co-Chair Harvey Weinstein.

The Center also serves students who aspire to work in non-profit institutions, government or academia in the area of entertainment and media law and policy.

The curricular Specialization in Media, Entertainment and Technology Law and Policy is at the center of UCLA Law’s innovative Ziffren Center for Media, Entertainment, Technology and Sports Law. The Specialization is the most comprehensive, advanced and innovative approach to the study of entertainment, media and intellectual property law in the country. In addition to offering the formal Specialization, the Center brings an annual series of influential speakers to campus and helps students secure externships and internships with entertainment-related businesses and organizations. The Center also sponsors the industry’s top legal conference on entertainment issues, the Annual UCLA Entertainment Symposium.

The Annual Entertainment Symposium is a flagship event for the entertainment industry, bringing leading lawyers, executives, agents, managers and producers, together with students for candid discussions on subjects at the forefront of the industry. Conversations during this two-day conference have ranged from lively debate over the changing landscape of the entertainment business, to shared insights on planning for the success of original content in a vast digital landscape, and perspectives on filmmaking in newly developing markets. Panelists regularly include top entertainment lawyers and key executives from studios and production companies, along with leaders from digital and independent companies.

The Ziffren Center for Media, Entertainment, Technology and Sports Law has established a series of compelling guest speakers who enrich both the practical and academic content of the concentration and the general study of entertainment law. The Speaker Series brings a wide variety of industry professionals (including executives, agents, journalists, lawyers and others) to the law school for informal discussions of their areas of expertise, their views of the present and future of their sector of the business, and how they got to their present position. This series is open to all law students, and invitations are also extended selectively to graduate students at the Anderson School of Business and at the School of Theater, Film and Television.