Latin American Criminal Justice - Dossier Project

Latin American Criminal Justice Dossier ProjectThe goal of this project is producing knowledge that can be used by researchers and policy-makers about how Latin American criminal justice systems are actually working. Based on an original methodology for the region that gathers data on a representative set of randomly selected cases directly from court files, the project gathers data on, among other issues (1) the demographic profiles of victims and defendants in Latin American criminal proceedings; (2) the quality of the police investigation and to what extent it is tested by prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges; (3) how cases are disposed by Latin American criminal justice systems; and (4) the costs of criminal justice.

Jurisdictions studied or that we are planning to study include Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. The project is pursued with a net of researchers in Latin America, including researchers from the School of Law of CIDE in Mexico and the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero in Argentina.

Download the report on the state of Mexico (Spanish)

Press release of the main findings from the report on Mexico (English)

Download the report on the state of Argentina (Spanish)