The Criminal Justice Program at UCLA School of Law is the law school’s primary initiative in this area. It addresses a wide spectrum of issues in criminal law with a vigorous program of education, policy work and research. Areas of focus include police and digital surveillance; the relationship between criminal law and immigration enforcement; trial and appellate advocacy; criminal defense; expert witnesses and wrongful convictions; sentencing; the death penalty; fines; prison law; collateral consequences of criminal convictions and prisoner reentry; juvenile justice; international and transnational crimes; and criminal justice reform in the United States and abroad.

Classes, clinics and experiential programs give students a solid foundation in criminal law and the opportunity to gain meaningful, hands-on experience in the field.

The Criminal Justice Program produces timely, impactful and collaborative research in diverse areas of criminal justice. The goal of this research is to generate knowledge and analysis for scholars, practitioners and policymakers.

The Criminal Justice Program started with generous seed funding from the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation.

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Máximo Langer
Faculty Director, Criminal
Justice Program
2468 Law Building


Alicia Virani
Associate Director, Criminal
Justice Program
2354 Law Building


Assistant: Katie Henkel