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UCLA School of Law has a rich law and economics tradition, and has served as the academic home of many pioneers in the field. Today, our Center for Law and Economics continues this legacy, fostering academic scholarship that explores how economic concepts can help us understand and improve our laws.

The Center is a cosponsor of the UCLA Law and Economics Workshop along with the law school’s Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy. This interdisciplinary workshop draws on the expertise of faculty across the University, as well as visiting scholars. Students in the Workshop participate in the scholarly process in action, engaging with prominent faculty and discussing works in progress on topics from contract law to intellectual property. From time to time, the Center also hosts postdoctoral fellows from the U.S. and abroad who do research on topics falling within the Center’s mission.

Deeply engaged in furthering interdisciplinary scholarship in law and economics, the Center is training a new generation of students and scholars in this important field.

UCLA Law and Economics Workshop

The UCLA Law and Economics Workshop is an interdisciplinary workshop which brings together social scientists and legal scholars from UCLA School of Law, the Economics Department, and the Anderson School of Management.
The workshops are jointly sponsored by the Center for Law and Economics and by the Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy at UCLA School of Law.
Workshop organizers are Mark F. Grady, Jill Horwitz and Alexander Stremitzer.

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