October 2017 UCLA Law Magazine Cover v2Women in Leadership
Accomplished Alumnae, from the Bench to the Boardroom

From its earliest days, UCLA Law has been a proving ground for women who are leaders in law and society. Alumnae include lawmakers, scholars, judges, entrepreneurs and Hollywood executives. In February 2017, the school took a giant step toward linking today's students to the women who can show them the way to the top.

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UCLA Law Women LEAD, based on the pillars of Leadership, Empowerment, Advancement and Distinction, provides a lifelong partnership with women in the legal profession. The initiative addresses the distinct challenges facing our alumnae throughout their careers, offering programming and networking that mobilizes them as a constituency with shared interests.

UCLA Law Women LEAD creates an intergenerational network of alumnae that focuses on three peer groups representing the main phases of a career. This support network addresses best practices to assist and partner with women from first-year law students to professionals at the most senior levels. The time is ripe to undertake such an effort because of the continuing barriers to parity in the profession, and the lack of sustained, coordinated initiatives that can draw women together from different generations and from a range of practice areas. Over time, the initiative can assist UCLA Law in recruiting women candidates, helping them to find suitable career paths and providing them with the support that leads to success.

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Students and Young Alumnae seek education, mentoring and networking as they begin their careers and transition from students to professionals.

UCLA Law Women LEAD provides assistance in the following areas:

  • Developing Leadership and Professional Skills
  • Finding and Fostering Mentor Relationships
  • Building a Network

Mid-Career Professionals seek mentoring and outreach opportunities as they make critical career choices and transition to the next phases of their careers.

UCLA Law Women LEAD provides  assistance in the following areas:

  • Navigating Career Transitions
  • Reputation Building
  • Striking a Balance Between Career and Personal Life

Senior Level Professionals need networking and support as they assess the legacy of their careers.

UCLA Law Women LEAD provides assistance in the following areas:

  • Leaving a Legacy Through Leadership in Your Workplace
  • Using Success as a Platform for Other Ventures
  • Impacting Future Generations

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