Fee Payment Process

Registration Information

A.    BruinBill (formerly known as BAR) Accounts and Charges

All students are assigned a BruinBill (formerly known as BAR: Billing and Accounts Receivable) account. A BruinBill account records all charges and payments (excluding housing) associated with registration along with other service charges that are assessed to students.

Students must pay all charges in full by the 20th of each month or the preceding workday if the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday. If a student misses the registration fee deadline, a late registration fee is assessed and the student is dropped from classes. The delinquent fee for unpaid BAR balances that aren’t registration fees is $50. Please note that the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) fee is part of registration fees and is due and payable at the time registration fees are paid. Learn about waiving the UC SHIP fee.

BruinBill. Student Financial Services sends students monthly email notices, called BruinBills, as a reminder to view your BAR account on MyUCLA. You should receive the BruinBill notification between the 1st and the 3rd working day of each month. If your e-mail address changes, please be sure to update
MyUCLA so that you will continue to receive the BruinBill notifications each month. BruinBill also contain a link to the monthly BruinBill messages on Student Financial Services. The University uses BruinBill messages to communicate important information regarding registration and University policies. 

Paper BruinBill Statement. Students may request to receive paper BruinBill statements in the mail. To request a paper statement, students must go in person to the Student Accounting Office, located at 1121 Murphy Hall. 

Payments. The UCLA Student Financial Services website is the best place to go for the most comprehensive information about making payments. Students can pay their BruinBill account electronically on MyUCLA with American Express, MasterCard, VISA or Discover Card. In addition, students can use the eCheck option or BruinPay Plan (BPP). Students can also print out a remittance document from Student Financial Services and mail in payments with a check or money order. 

Students may sign up for the "autopay" feature of BruinBill; however, please be aware that once you are assessed your tuition and fees (and you've enrolled in autopay), the entire amount due will be paid out (whether or not you have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover the bill). If you do not have sufficient funds, your payment will be returned and you will be charged a "returned check fee" from the University, as well as an insufficient funds fee from your own bank. Furthermore, the autopay feature overrides BPP (the installment payment plan), so if you're enrolled in BPP, you should not elect the autopay feature.

The Payment Solutions and Compliance Office (PSC, formerly known as Administrative Main Cashier Office) accepts cash only (no checks). If you prefer to pay in person (no credit cards), you may drop off a personal check, cashier's check or money order in the drop slot at the Payment Solutions and Compliance windows. You no longer need to wait in line, just use their convenient drop slot. All checks received before close of business get processed the same day. The PSC windows are located at 1125 Murphy Hall (310-825-2201) and are open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The PSC does not accept credit card payments in person. 

Failure to settle financial obligations with the University may result in a hold being placed on the student’s record. Such a hold could affect registration, enrollment, financial aid, campus services and release of academic transcripts. 

B.    Mandatory UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP)

Insurance is a condition of registration at the University of California. As such, the cost of the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) is billed along with other UCLA fees each academic term. The UC SHIP fee may be waived by submitting a waiver form by the fee payment deadline for each term. Waiving UC SHIP is an online process.

UC SHIP fulfills all of the requirements mandated for adequate medical/health insurance as defined by the University. The Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center is the primary health care provider for UC SHIP and is where all non-emergency medical care must be initiated for UC SHIP claim payment consideration. Learn more about UC SHIP.

Waiving Out of UC SHIP. Students may waive out of UC SHIP if they (1) maintain active enrollment in an adequate medical/health insurance plan that meets all established requirements; (2) apply for a UC SHIP waiver within established deadlines; and, (3) correctly complete the online UC SHIP waiver form.

Students must apply for a UC SHIP waiver online. See the Ashe Center website for details, including a definition of qualifying adequate private medical/health insurance. Follow the Online Services link at UC SHIP.

Financial Support

A.   Financial Aid Disbursement

The Financial Aid System automatically credits the BruinBill accounts of most students who receive financial aid. Registration fees and other outstanding UCLA debts, such as student health or computer lab printing fees, are deducted.

Students receiving financial aid funds that are not processed electronically will get a paper check sent via the U.S. Postal Service to their address listed in
MyUCLA. Paper checks are mailed once a week on Mondays.

B.    BruinDirect

BruinDirect is UCLA’s direct deposit system that sends BruinBill account refunds directly to student bank accounts. Students are notified of transactions via email before each deposit is made. To sign up for BruinDirect, please complete the form available at the PSC, 1125 Murphy Hall. While your BruinDirect account is being set up, your refunds will be mailed to the address you indicate on MyUCLA. BruinDirect refunds are processed daily. Refunds by mail are processed weekly. Sign up for BruinDirect today!

Methods of Payment

Online, through MyUCLA: Students can pay their BruinBill account on MyUCLA using American Express, VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card.

By Mail: Students can print out a remittance document from Student Financial Services and mail in payments with a check or money order.

In Person: Students may make cash, check and debit card payments in person at the Payment Solutions and Compliance Office located at 1125 Murphy Hall (310-825-220) open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. For details and frequently asked questions, see Student Financial Services.