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Law Fellows Program

UCLA School of Law Academic Outreach Resource Center

Law Fellows Gatto Graduation 2017 text v2The Academic Outreach Resource Center is committed to ensuring equity, access and excellence in legal education. To that end, the Academic Outreach Resource Center is dedicated to aggressively and imaginatively engaging in a wide variety of outreach initiatives designed to encourage students from diverse backgrounds to apply and attend law school at UCLA.

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Law Fellows Program

To further this goal, the UCLA School of Law Academic Outreach Resource Center launched the Law Fellows Program in 1997. This program is designed to encourage and prepare high-potential undergraduate and graduate students for a career in law, increase the diversity of the law school pool, and demystify the law school experience.

The program format is made up of several components, and includes a series of Saturday Academies held at the Law School. These Academies offer professional-level instruction by law faculty in which Law Fellows are exposed to cases and a variety of other materials used in law school. In addition to the academic enrichment component, each Fellow is assigned a law student mentor with whom they will interact throughout the year. Informative seminars and panel discussions, designed to demystify the law school experience, are led by staff, alumni and other members of the legal community. Finally, participants complete a J.D. Action Plan and meet with the directors of the program regularly, often over the course of several years, until they matriculate to law school and beyond receiving continuous academic support, mentoring, counseling and career guidance.

Leo Trujillo-Cox

Leo Trujillo-Cox
Executive Director of Academic Outreach & Development
Associate Director of Admissions & Recruitment
Instructor, Law Fellows Program 
B.A. Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley, 1991
B.A. Political Science, UC Berkeley, 1991
J.D. UCLA School of Law, 1997

Faculty Profile


Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith, Esq.
Assistant Director of Academic Outreach & Development
B.A. Political Science and Black Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 2008
J.D. USC Gould School of Law, 2012