Post-Graduate Support

Loan Repayment Assistance Program

UCLA School of Law has established a loan repayment assistance program to increase the ability of its J.D. graduates to pursue public service legal careers. The program seeks to address the increasing debt burdens facing many students and the implications of such burdens on students' ability to pursue relatively low-paying public service work.

Under the UCLA LRAP, graduates can apply to have a portion - and, in some cases, all - of the debt service on loans they incurred while at UCLA School of Law subject to a forgivable loan from the School. To qualify for such support, graduates must be employed in a public service capacity that makes substantial use of legal skills. Graduates can seek assistance each year for a period of up to 10 years.

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Post-Graduate Fellowships

UCLA Law has several new programs to help new graduates gain meaningful legal experience while also assisting employers to address unmet needs.

Public Service Fellowship Program

The School of Law’s Public Service Fellowship Program seeks to support graduating students who have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to public service, enabling them to work with a variety of nonprofit organizations and government agencies, both domestically and abroad.

Professional Opportunity Fellowship Program

Through the Professional Opportunity Program, UCLA Law and Liberty Hill Foundation have partnered to set up a one year fellowship to allow successful candidates the opportunity to work full-time for up to one year with nonprofit organizations, government agencies or judges. Participants are paid monthly stipends.

New Graduate Opportunity Program

The New Graduate Opportunity Program funds part-time, temporary work with nonprofit organizations and government agencies for up to 200 hours at up to 20 hours per week. Participants are paid by UCLA School of Law - therefore negating any employer concerns regarding unpaid interns - and  have a unique opportunity to further build their resume and to enhance their legal skills while awaiting bar results. Although participating employers are not required to permanently hire these graduates, many host employers have offered our graduates long-term employment at the conclusion of the program.