Information for UCLA Law Students Highly qualified, committed students at UCLA School of Law may apply to participate in foreign study opportunities at law schools outside the United States. Normally, such students will participate through the FLSEP and will attend one of UCLA School of Law's partner schools.

Foreign Legal Study Outside of FLSEP

If a UCLA law student wishes to engage in foreign study at a law school with which UCLA School of Law will not have an exchange agreement in effect for the period in which the student wishes to engage in foreign study, then that student must take a leave of absence from UCLA School of Law during that period. In such cases, the student will receive transfer course credit for the foreign study only in exceptional circumstances, to the extent approved by the Standards Committee, and provided that the foreign law school is of the highest repute in the sub-field of study, the student's proposed sub-field of study is unavailable at UCLA School of Law and all partner schools, and the student meets the terms and conditions outlined in the application procedures and requirements.