Specialization Requirements for Law Students and Curriculum

To earn a specialization in Law and Philosophy, students must finish a course work requirement and a written work requirement in their second and third years as detailed below.

Course Work Requirement

  • Students must complete four qualifying courses (of at least two semester units each) with a grade of B or better in each course.
  • At least two of the courses must come from the Core List. (These lists may be updated by the faculty affiliated with the Center as new courses are added.). Courses on the Core List will be frequently offered. They will usually be taught by members of the faculty who have special expertise in the area of Law and Philosophy, drawing on foundational materials and methodologies of the subject.
  • The other two courses may come from the Core List from the Other Qualifying Courses List or students may petition the Faculty Director of the Program to have other relevant courses or independent studies counted toward the specialization.
  • Courses from the Core List need not be taken before other qualifying courses. Coursework need not be complete before the student tackles the written work requirement.
Perspectives Courses (Perspectives Courses may be counted toward the Law and Philosophy Specialization if the student undertakes to write a philosophically informed theoretical paper with the instructor’s approval; students may do this on their own or by adding an additional unit of independent study, assuming an appropriate work product. The Perspectives courses listed below are especially suitable for such purposes and specializers may gain priority enrollment to them.)
Course # Course Name
Theory of Moral Sentiment - Bray and Zasloff
Stranger to Ourselves - Greenberg
The Dead Hand - Horwitz
  • Written Work Requirement:

    To earn the specialization, students must also complete a substantial research paper (20 to 35 pages) on a topic in law and philosophy with a grade of B+ or better.

    To discuss the specialization, students may contact Faculty Director or the Law and Philosophy Program Manager.

    For detailed information about the specialization including other courses and methods of fulfilling the specialization, please visit the Law and Philosophy Specialization page in MyLaw (login required).