International and Comparative Law Specialization


To support the strong student interest and demand for programming, ICLP holds an Introduction to International and Comparative Law at UCLA School of Law Information Session early in the Fall of each academic year.  Students interested in international and comparative law, including human rights, are strongly encouraged to attend this event. This event is designed to introduce the student body to the international and comparative law offerings at UCLA Law.  All of the International and Comparative Law faculty attend this session to discuss their course offerings and research interests. This event also provides students with the opportunity to learn about the many international law related student organizations and journals to get involved with, and a calendar of events planned for that upcoming year.

In the Spring semester ICLP holds a second information session specific to the International and Comparative Law Specialization.  All students interested in pursuing the Specialization should attend.  This event provides an overview of the structure of the Specialization, and the requirements to complete the Specialization.  The application process for the Specialization opens immediately after this session.

Those J.D. students wishing to pursue the Specialization in International and Comparative Law will generally be required to declare their intention to do so during the Spring semester of 1L year.  In some circumstances a student may petition to join the Specialization track after Spring of 1L year, and at any point up to Spring of 3L year.  In such cases, a student may be admitted to the Specialization if they are in good standing and can demonstrate that they have satisfied some or all of the Specialization requirements, and have sufficient time to complete all the requirements prior to graduation.  The Specialization is also available to transfer students.

Prior to being admitted to the Specialization, J.D. students are required to meet with a designated International and Comparative Law faculty advisor to discuss their areas of interest. The student and faculty advisor work together to create an individualized curriculum package that meets the student’s academic and career objectives.  The individualized package is then pursued by the student during their 2L and 3L year.

Any student in good standing, who complies with the requirement to meet with the faculty advisor to plan their curriculum, may be admitted into the Specialization.

LL.M. students also have the opportunity to pursue a Specialization in International and Comparative Law.  Please visit the LL.M. Program website for more specifics on that program. 

Please note that the J.D. Specialization is not a separate degree program.  A student who completes all Specialization requirements with a “B minus” average or better in the Specialization courses will receive a transcript notation indicating successful completion of the Specialization.