Environmental Law Specialization

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I learn more?

Email the faculty advisors, professors Sean Hecht and Cara Horowitz, at hecht@law.ucla.edu and horowitz@law.ucla.edu, for more information about the specialization or to set up an advising appointment.

I’ve completed my 2L year and just realized I’m interested in environmental law. May I still elect the specialization?

Yes. Please email the faculty advisors. Students may declare their intent to pursue the specialization even as 3Ls, with permission of the advisors.

I’m a transfer student recently admitted to UCLA School of Law. What should I do if I might be interested?

Email the faculty advisors and they will help you.

Does the Environmental Law Specialization have a separate admissions track for admission to UCLA School of Law?

No. The Environmental Law Specialization does not have a separate admission track into the law school. Students interested in UCLA School of Law and the Environmental Law Specialization should apply to the law school through the regular admission channels.

I haven’t yet enrolled in law school yet. Are there resources for learning more about UCLA Law’s environmental law opportunities?

The faculty advisors are always happy to talk to prospective students and admitted students about our course offerings and other aspects of life as a UCLA Law student interested in environmental law. They may also be able to put you in touch with current students or alumni with similar interests.

I’d like to enroll in a course that isn’t on your Requirement B course list and have it count towards the specialization.

The Specialization Committee will consider adding and removing courses each year from the course list based on our knowledge of the curriculum. We will also consider case-by-case requests by individual students, with a justification of the course’s relevance to a particular student’s environmental law education and training. Please contact the faculty advisors for more information.

If I have elected to pursue the specialization, do I need to follow through with it if I change my mind?

No. A final decision to elect the specialization need not be made until spring of the 3L year. If a student does not complete all requirements, there is no consequence to the student except not receiving the diploma notation, and even a student who completes all requirements may decide not to elect the diploma notation.

How should I designate the specialization on my resume or C.V.?

While still a student, you may note that you are pursuing in the environmental law specialization. Once you graduate and the school confirms that you have fulfilled the specialization requirements, you may note that you were awarded the specialization. This award will also be noted on your transcript and diploma.

Example of resume language: J.D., UCLA School of Law, environmental law specialization awarded (or expected)

I am an LLM student. May I enroll in the environmental law specialization?

The faculty welcomes LLM students into nearly all of our environmental law courses. The formal environmental law specialization, however, is open only to J.D. candidates. LLM students may create their own customized specializations, including in environmental law topics. In the past, LLM students have successfully created specializations that relate to environmental law at UCLA.