Environmental Law Specialization

We encourage any student with an interest in environmental, energy, natural resources, or land use law to consider the specialization. Prior to admission to the specialization, J.D. students are required to meet with one of the faculty advisors to discuss their areas of interest. The student and faculty advisor work together to create an individualized curriculum package that meets the student's academic and career objectives.

Environmental law faculty plan to host two informational sessions annually —in the fall and spring semesters—to introduce students to the specialization.

J.D. students are encouraged to declare their intention to pursue the specialization during the spring semester of their 1L year, and ordinarily are required to do so before the end of the fall semester of 2L. With the permission of the faculty advisors, a student may elect to join the specialization later. Transfer students are also eligible to apply for the specialization. Please email the faculty advisors, professors Sean Hecht and Cara Horowitz, at hecht@law.ucla.edu and horowitz@law.ucla.edu, for more information about the specialization or to set up an advising appointment.

The Environmental Law Specialization does not provide a separate admissions track into the law school. Students interested in UCLA School of Law and the Environmental Law Specialization should apply to the law school through the regular admission channels.