Critical Race Studies Specialization

Enrolling in the CRS Specialization

First-year Students

If you are a first-year student who wrote a CRS statement as part of your application to UCLA School of Law, you have first priority to declare the CRS Specialization. You do not have to write a new statement, but you must contact at any time during the fall semester of your first year.

In the spring Semester, we will accept emails, on a time-stamped basis, from any first-year student.  (If you are a student who had first priority and opted to wait until the spring semester to declare the specialization, your application will be time-stamped as part of the general pool of applicants). The timing of submission will be used in case of over-enrollment in CRS core courses, with students enrolling first, getting first enrollment priority.

The declaration for the specialization and essay will only be accepted by email and must be sent to The deadline for electing is June 1st after your first year. (We will consider late enrollments, but cannot guarantee priority enrollment in the core courses to students who elect the CRS Specialization after June 1st).

To learn more about enrollment procedures, course sequencing and priority enrollment, refer to our FAQ.

Transfer Students

To enroll in the CRS Specialization, please email as soon as possible. Transfer students are also entitled to priority enrollment in the core courses. However, since transfer admissions decisions are made after UCLA Law first-year students have elected into the specialization, you may not be able to exercise priority enrollment options in the fall Semester of your second year. To increase your options, please be as diligent as possible.

LL.M. Students

Candidates for the Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree at UCLA Law may apply for Specialization in Critical Race Studies.  Please contact the CRS program director for more information.