About UCLA School of Law's International Human Rights Program

Situated at one of the finest research universities in the world and sitting at a major global crossroads, UCLA Law is emerging as a vital center for international human rights work.

Our International and Comparative Law Program encompasses all international human rights law offerings at UCLA School of Law and aims to advance universal rights through research, advocacy and public education. An ambitious curriculum includes courses on asylum, international justice and sexual politics. Here, students learn about the mechanisms and organizations that promote, protect and pioneer international human rights.

In our clinical programs, students and faculty work collaboratively with international organizations. They conduct on-the-ground investigations of international human rights abuses and advocate before the media and courts, both foreign and domestic.

UCLA Law’s Health and Human Rights Law Project fosters the next generation of leaders working in this critical field through multidisciplinary research, training and mentorship, with an emphasis on issues pertaining to sexuality, gender and HIV/AIDS.

Students in our International and Comparative Law Program pursue externships in international human rights law in locations as far flung as The Hague, Geneva, Rome, Phnom Penh and Washington, D.C. Whether they are observing international criminal tribunals in Tanzania; building expertise through innovative courses offerings; or helping refugees in crisis, the knowledge and training students acquire at UCLA Law prepare them to make a lasting difference in our global community.