About UCLA School of Law's Business Law Program

One of the nation’s first law schools to offer a systematic opportunity for students to focus on business law, UCLA Law continues to be at the forefront of this field today.

Our approach is comprehensive and multifaceted, combining theory with real-world opportunities for students to explore the intersection of law and business, and specialize in business law and policy. We prepare students for sophisticated practice in a wide range of areas from bankruptcy, corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions to securities regulation, finance, commercial law and taxation.

Whether students are attending a lecture with our world-class business law faculty; drafting an agreement for a Business Deals class; participating in discussions with top executives from one of the world’s premier auction houses; engaging with experts at the Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law & Policy; taking part in a program at the renowned Ziman Center for Real Estate; or participating in an externship at the Securities and Exchange Commission, UCLA offers access to insight and opportunities that redefine business law education.

We equip our graduates with the skills necessary to adapt to a changing legal marketplace, empowering them to identify emerging areas of economic opportunity. With the benefit of their training at UCLA, our alumni go on to positions of leadership in business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy.