Areas of Focus

At UCLA Law, students gain broad exposure to their particular area of interest through unrivaled opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom. They come here for rigorous and dynamic training that prepares them to succeed in the legal profession and beyond.

Business Law

One of the nation’s first law schools to offer transactional training in business law, today UCLA Law continues to be at the forefront of this field. We prepare students for sophisticated practice in a wide range of areas from bankruptcy, corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions to securities regulation, finance, commercial law and taxation. LEARN MORE

Consumer Law

Students at UCLA Law learn from expert faculty at the vanguard of contemporary consumer law and policy. From contract law to consumer bankruptcy, our curriculum explores questions of relevance to consumers from multiple perspectives and countless directions. LEARN MORE

Criminal Justice

UCLA Law is a preeminent training ground for students committed to the practice of criminal law. Our rigorous criminal justice curriculum encompasses the basic substantive requirements for criminal liability; the procedural rules that accompany the trial process, as well as the doctrines, rules and policies governing the demonstration of facts in court; and the theoretical underpinnings of both criminal law and the U.S. criminal justice system. LEARN MORE

Critical Race Studies

The Critical Race Studies Program at UCLA Law, the only program of its kind in the United States, prepares future leaders and scholars to transform racial justice advocacy. Our curriculum includes foundational courses in civil rights and race theory, taught by professors who built the intellectual underpinnings of the field. LEARN MORE

Employment and Labor Law

At UCLA Law, students study with faculty who are leading experts in the field of labor and employment law. Students pursue diverse areas of interest spanning work-related benefits, dispute resolution and employment relations in specific industries. LEARN MORE

Entertainment Law

Located in the hometown of the entertainment industry, UCLA Law is uniquely positioned to offer the most comprehensive entertainment and media law education in the country. At UCLA Law, students study with some of the nation’s foremost entertainment lawyers and gain a solid grounding in custom, theory and policy. LEARN MORE

Environmental Law

UCLA Law is a recognized leader in teaching, research and public service in the area of environmental law and policy. Our faculty members develop cutting-edge tools to address environmental challenges on a local, national and global level. LEARN MORE

Gender Studies

UCLA Law is an established thought leader in the evolving field of gender studies. A wide-ranging curriculum explores how the law constructs and regulates gender and sexuality as well as the legal and social status of women, gays, lesbians and transgendered individuals. LEARN MORE

Immigration Studies

UCLA Law students gain invaluable exposure to immigration law on the local, regional and national levels. Our faculty includes esteemed scholars teaching a broad range of courses such as Immigrants’ Rights, Immigration Law and Crimes, and Political Asylum and Refugee Law. LEARN MORE

Intellectual Property

UCLA Law provides a preeminent training ground for intellectual property students. Our in-depth curriculum covers key topics in domestic copyright, patent and trademark law as well as specialized courses in international law, art and cultural property, and the music industry. LEARN MORE

Interdisciplinary Studies

UCLA Law has long been a leader in the interdisciplinary study of law, with faculty members whose renowned scholarship transcends disciplinary boundaries. Our location within a world-class research university allows students to develop specialized expertise in fields outside of the law and to connect this expertise back to their legal studies. LEARN MORE

International Human Rights

Situated at one of the finest research universities in the world and sitting at a major global crossroads, UCLA Law is emerging as a vital center for international human rights work. Here, students learn about the mechanisms and organizations that promote, protect and pioneer international human rights. LEARN MORE

International Law

UCLA Law’s comprehensive international law curriculum trains students for rewarding careers in an increasingly interconnected world. Whether the topic is cross-border disputes or taxation in the global economy, our curriculum offers students a rigorous intellectual grounding and exceptional hands-on training. LEARN MORE

Legal Profession

UCLA Law has built a comprehensive curriculum to prepare our students for the practical aspects of lawyering. Hands-on training begins in the first-year Lawyering Skills course. Upper-level coursework provides essential instruction on legal ethics and professionalism, as well as opportunities to gain fundamental practical skills. LEARN MORE

Public Interest

UCLA Law is home to one of the most innovative and successful public interest programs in the nation. The David J. Epstein Program in Public Interest Law and Policy offers membership in a vibrant community of students and faculty as well as an intellectually ambitious curriculum that grapples with the fundamental questions in public interest lawyering. LEARN MORE

Public Law

The study of public law encompasses everything from national security and election law to constitutional theory, federal courts and administrative law. Whether they are interested in civil rights or the regulation of financial markets, students at UCLA Law receive critical grounding in the legal structures that shape the relationship between individuals and the U.S. government. LEARN MORE

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